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Carving Fridays

One day carving course

Stone carving with us in our studios

During this one day course, we guide you carefully through every stage of the process of creating a simple carving in stone, from choosing your inspiration/visual starting point, developing your design, marking up your piece of stone, through to completing your carving. By the end of the day you will have a piece of artwork of your own creation, along with the beginning of a new skill to take home with you.

You don’t need any previous experience to be a student on this course and get full benefit from it, as your day with us allows you to get to grips immediately with tools and stone. However, if you do have previous experience, it will be greatly reinforced by taking part, bringing a new level of understanding of both method and technique.

Regarding choosing subject matter to carve from, we can discuss a range of possibilities on the day. But broadly speaking, you may wish to choose between stone carving and letter carving as follows:

Stone carving in relief

Low relief is the simplest and most direct form of carving, and the best introduction to the tools, techniques and methodology of stone carving for the beginner. It is also capable of carrying the full depth and sophistication of the sculptor’s art in its most developed forms.

We have a selection of prepared visual starting points for you to choose from at the beginning of your day with us. However if you already have something in mind, or have already been working on some design drawings, please do bring them along with you, and we will be able to give guidance on how to develop your ideas into a design that is possible to complete in one day of carving.

Letter Carving in Stone

The cut letter in stone has a unique place in the role of written text; it has the authority of the printed word and the intimacy of handwriting, carried by a timeless monumental material. During your day of tuition with us, we will use the techniques of letter carving to design and cut an inscription in stone, giving those interested in learning to cut an inscription into stone an immediate, intensive and highly satisfying introduction to the ancient art.

If you would like to consider your choice of inscription ahead of time, we have found that it is most satisfying to learn the techniques involved in carving letters by completing an inscription of fewer rather than more letters – maybe even one word – for example ‘home’, a loved ones name or even a house name/number. This is because with a fairly simple design, it is possible to focus on technique rather than rushing to finish lots of letters.

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